Root Canal Treatment

Precautions and care after root canal treatment


It is very important to take care after you have processed the root canal treatment. With the help of this treatment, the pulp from the central part of the teeth is removed. The pulp from the internal side of the teeth is extracted from the central space and then the tooth is sealed properly. Following are some of the tips that should be considered to care after the root canal treatment.


  • You should not take food after the root canal treatment especially at the side where the treatment is processed.
  • In order to control the blood vessels, you should put ice on the affected teeth. It will save your teeth and remove the swelling of the affected area. You should keep on applying the ice pack for about 10 minutes.
  • If you feel pain after the root canal treatment, then you should follow the medicines and the prescription suggested by the dentist.
  • Don’t forget to take anti-biotic to minimize the risk of the infection.
  • Try to sleep in the opposite side, especially in the initial nights. It will save your teeth and you will recover in minimum time.
  • Try to take food in liquid form for at least two days after the root canal treatment.
  • Do not smoke or take drugs that contain alcohol in it. It may affect your wound and you will be hurt ultimately.
  • After the regular intervals of time, take water and add salt in it. Rinse mouth especially the affected teeth.
  • If you feel any problem after the root canal treatment, then immediately consult with the dentist. He will direct you about all the things and change the medicines, if necessary.
  • You should not do anything that can hurt your or affect your wound, but you have to take care of it.
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