Tooth Color Restorations

Tooth Colour Restorations

Tooth decay is a common dental issue among our Perth-based patients. If your tooth has taken on a dark or discoloured shade, you may have knocked your tooth and caused permanent, irreversible damage to the nerve in your tooth, or your tooth may have decayed.

Unfortunately, the colour of your tooth won’t return to its normal shade unless you undergo a teeth-whitening treatment.


How Does a Tooth Colour Restoration Work?

At Hillarys Dental Care, we will brighten your damaged tooth with internal bleaching. This treatment is similar to our standard teeth whitening treatment, except your tooth will be whitened from the inside out. This treatment can only be administered after you’ve had a root canal, and will noticeably improve the colour of your tooth in just one session.


The Benefits of our Tooth Restoration and Whitening Treatment

Repairing the internal damage, and physical appearance of your teeth will not only improve your oral health, it will also improve your confidence. When it comes to tooth colour restorations the benefits are aplenty!

  • Tooth restorations will improve the strength and durability of your teeth
  • The repaired tooth with blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth, so no one will know that you’ve had any restorative work done
  • Your tooth will be protected from further damage, with the restoration lasting for up to ten years, if a proper dental hygiene routine is adhered to


For a brighter, healthier smile that you’ll be itching to show off, contact Hillarys Dental Care today!


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